Bookings are made subject to full and unconditional acceptance of our Terms and Conditions which are legally binding and must be agreed and accepted by the Resident Guest on behalf of themselves, their group and all their guests

1. Tentative Booking

Upon receipt of the Reservation Enquiry form, we will advise you by email on the availability of the accommodation, the applicable rates and the deposit payment.

2. Deposit Payment

A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total booking amount is required in order for us to hold a booking. Payment is done on the understanding that you have read and are in agreement with all our Terms & Conditions.

3. Confirmation

A booking will only be confirmed when we receive the Deposit Payment.
Upon receipt of the above, we will issue a Provisional Confirmation Note. No booking is CONFIRMED until that time.

4. Balance Payment

Balance payment is due latest 60 days prior to the booked arrival date.
If the balance payment is not received by the stipulated date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. The deposit will be forfeited.
A final Confirmation Letter will be issued after receipt of your balance payment.

5. Payment Mode

Payments can be made either by Bank Transfer or by Visa / Mastercard. For the Visa / Mastercard option an additional 3.5% is applicable. The payment instructions details will be forwarded to you once we confirm the availability and upon your decision to proceed with the booking.

6. Security Bond

A Security Deposit of EUR 800.- is applicable (By Credit Card only).  A Security Deposit Form will need to be completed prior to the booking being confirmed. 

7. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees apply as follows:
Cancellation more than 60 days prior to the booked arrival date 30 % of the total fees.
Cancellation less than 60 days prior to the booked arrival date: 50 % of the total fees.
Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the booked arrival date: 100% of the total fees.
No show and cancellation of your stay after check-in: 100%

8. Maximum number of Guests

The total number of guests shall not be more than the number indicated on the Confirmed Letter. No additional guests will be allowed access at any time.

To modify the number of guests, you will have to follow the normal procedure for requesting a booking for the additional persons.

9. Furniture, Fixtures and others

Removal of furniture, fixtures, chattels and equipment is not allowed. Installation of equipment, appliances and devices such as loudspeakers, lights etc is strictly not permitted. Equipment & items requiring connection to electricity, gas or water will not be allowed on the premises.

10. Noise

Consideration should be given to the neigbouring precinct and the peaceful and tranquil environment of Hillcrest Villas. Excessive noise is not acceptable. Loud music and / or shouting is NOT permitted.

11. Alcohol & Illegal Substances

Heavy drinking and the use of illegal substances whilst on the premises of Hillcrest Villas are strictly not permitted.

In case of breach by any of the guests, the Villa Manager has the authority and the right to have the offender(s) evicted immediately. No refund will be provided and all monies paid will be forfeited.

12. Smoking

Smoking anywhere inside the villa is strictly prohibited. Smoking of cigarettes is limited to the outdoor designated area only. All extinguished cigarette butts and ashes should be disposed off in the appropriate bin.

13. Damage

Guests are expected to look after and take reasonable care of all furnishings, equipment and structures and are expected to leave the premises in a tidy and neat state upon vacating.  The Security Bond might be used in this event. 


14. Pets

Strictly no pets / animals allowed anywhere on the premises.

15. Violations

Any breach of the Terms & Conditions can result in the premature termination of the agreement and can lead to immediate eviction . Should this happen guests will be expected to leave the premises immediately. No refund will be provided.

16. Villa Manager

Our Villa Manager, will be in attendance daily (except for week-ends and public holidays) and has the duty and authority to enforce our Terms and Conditions.

17. Parking Facilities

Parking within the gates of the Villa is strictly reserved for the Resident Guests and the staff of Hillcrest Villas only. If parking outside the gate or alongside the road, appropriate care must be taken not to obstruct the neighbours’ driveways in any way.

18. Electricity

The cost of electricity is expensive in Seychelles. Hence guests are required not to leave the air conditioning, fans and lights on unnecessarily, for example when not in the room / villa. Switching off all electrical appliances not in use is the Resident Guests’ responsibility.
Our Villa Manager will monitor and report abuses and additional charges may apply.

19. Admission

Hillcrest Villas reserves the right of admission of non-resident guests and visitors.

20. Telephone & Internet

Guests are limited to make local calls only up to a maximum of 20 Euros in total. Cost in excess will be charged. The phone is barred from making international calls, but it is possible to receive international calls. Non-resident guests are not allowed to use the phone.

Hillcrest Villas provides free wireless internet (limited downloads). 

21. Insurance

Hillcrest Villas strongly recommend guests to take out a comprehensive insurance covering illness, repatriation, injuries, death, loss and damage to personal effects, itinerary & travel changes and cancellation, Third Party liability.

22. Breach of Terms & Conditions

The Villa Manger has the authority to enforce our Terms & Conditions and to have offenders evicted immediately. No refunds will be provided and all monies will be forfeited.

23. Waiver of Liability

Hillcrest Villas do not take any responsibility for loss of life, physical or mental injuries, accidents and/or damage to personal equipment and belongings to any and all guests and visitors.
We do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience, claims, costs or expenses directly or indirectly resulting from events such as but not limited to: late arrivals, delays, cancellations and re-routing of flights, missed flights or carrier connections, change in schedule, act of omission of any party, absence of valid travel documents or passports visa or health certificates, failure of machinery and equipment, labour problems, family related problems, quarantine, economic changes, disease, civil unrest and disturbances, strikes, weather conditions, natural events and disasters, acts of Governments, acts of God.

Accordingly, the Guests and visitors covenant and agree that Hillcrest Villas, its owners, operators, management, supervisors and agents are not responsible for damages resulting from participating in or the use of, motorcycle, scooter, and other vehicles, horse-back riding, boating, yachting, tracking, excursions, scuba diving, surfing, deep-sea fishing, golfing, use of gym equipment, use of pool, pool and ocean swimming, falling from elevated areas and stairs, slip and trip on dry or wet tiles / floors and stairs, jamming between doors and windows and broken glass incidents and accidents.

Resident Guests and all their visitors, release and discharge Hillcrest Villas, its owners, operators, management, supervisors and agents, for themselves and for their heirs, personal representatives and next of kin, with respect to any responsibility for all injury, disability, death, loss or damage to person or property related to but not limited to any of the above.

24. Enquiries

Hillcrest Villas’ website, forms and documents, may solely and exclusively be used for legitimate enquiries and/or bookings for yourself or any other person whom you are legally authorized to represent and /or act for.